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Managed Online Email Solutions

In business, many of us have a love/hate relationship with our email. We love it when we can save time sending and collecting information and effortlessly connecting with customers and employees. We hate it when we have to waste hours reading and deleting junk mail, worrying about opening malware-laden messages, and complying with requests to search and retrieve old emails that may have already been deleted.

There is a solution. Keep your email protected, your employee’s connected, and your business running with easy and effective Hosted Exchange services from Fused Technology.

  • No Server Hardware Required - Fused Technology maintains all the server hardware and software in safe and secure location, so there is no hardware or software you need to support/maintain or purchase.
  • Safe and Secure - Communication from your desktop/laptop/mobile device to Fused Technology’s servers uses 256 bit SSL encryption.
  • Email Security – Our Servers have robust anti-spam/virus software which protects you from spam, viruses and worms, email attacks and fraud.
  • Runs Circles Around Traditional POP3 – A lot of small business use POP3 type email. POP3 has a lot of disadvantages compared to Hosted Exchange. Unlike POP3, Hosted Exchange has true synchronization between multiple PCs, shared calendars and contacts, Out of Office Assistant, offline folders, True/easy to use Web Access, and much more.
  • Any Time Access – Mobile access to email, contacts, and calendar with Active Sync® on your smart phone. Full Outlook access from your desktop/laptop regardless of location with no VPN to setup. Access a robust & easy to use to web client from any computer.
  • No Email Outages – Even if your Internet goes down at your office, your emails will still be received on our servers, ready for you to access when your Internet is restored.
  • Disaster Recovery Services –Never lose an email again. Fused Technology maintains a vigorous backup and disaster recovery schedule, so you will never lose your email data, from an accidental deletion to a full desktop hard drive crash.

Managed Web Hosting Solutions

There are many, many companies out there that offer web hosting solutions. But most of them are pre-packaged, web sign-up, standard form solutions. They are using freeware software that has limitations, and can be hard to use for the normal end user. Yes, you can sign up, and upload some files, but does it work properly? Does it allow to use all web extensions? If it doesn't, can you get someone on the phone to get it working?

Managed Web Hosting Solutions by Fused Technology is like having your own server, and an IT guy managing it, but you don't purchase the hardware, and you don't need an IT guy to manage it. That because we do it! We offer shared hosting platforms to dedicated server platforms. You get the one-on-one attention to get it done right the first time. We can help you design your web site, or if you have a 3rd party designing your web site, we will work with them to get it up and running on our servers.

  • No Server Hardware Required - Fused Technology maintains all the server hardware and software in safe and secure location, so there is no hardware or software you need to support/maintain or purchase.
  • Different Solutions Levels - We offer shared web/IP web hosting services, Dedicated IPs for SSL web pages, to entire dedicated web servers, completely customizable, for your company.
  • Easy Secure Access – Access you web files via FTP/FTPS, or full remote desktop access for dedicated servers.
  • Fast Access – If your web site has high traffic, no need to upgrade and pay for faster Internet access at your office if you were hosting it your self. With our robust 25 - 100MB Internet connections, access and loading your webpage will be quick.
  • 99.99% Uptime – With our robust and redundant servers, we guarantee your web site will always be available to the public.

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