Hosted Business Class VoIP Myths and Facts

MYTH: VoIP sound quality is sub-standard

FACT: When combined with a quality Internet connection, proper Quality of Service and prioritization, and digital IP phones, a VoIP Hosted PBX system actually delivers crisper, clearer 100% digital quality audio that surpasses the quality of any traditional analog phone line. FTI delivers an end to end Quality of Service managed Hosted PBX system to achieve the highest level of audio possible. FTI separates voice traffic from data traffic from the local office network level all the way to their data center in Philadelphia. Voice and data traffic passes through a Voice Optimized Router at the client’s office before going on to the internet. This ensures the voice traffic receives priority over the computer data traffic entering the internet to receive unrestricted and priority access to deliver the highest level of quality. FTI will not implement a Hosted PBX solution on a sub-quality internet connection. Prior to implementation, tests are conducted to ensure a client’s internet can support the Hosted PBX solution with 100% digital quality audio.

MYTH: If my Internet goes down, my phone access also goes down.

FACT: FTI Hosted PBX implementations have many options to eliminate phone outages. Solutions from dual and redundant separate carrier Internet connections, to integrated backup land lines where the calls will automatically be redirected to so no voice access is lost. If a client chooses not to implement a redundant solution, incoming calls can still be automatically rerouted to cell phone numbers, other land lines, or voicemail so no incoming calls are missed.

MYTH: VoIP is Vonage or Skype

FACT: Vonage and Skype along with other carriers use VoIP to deliver phone service primarily to residential markets. Analog phones are still used with converter boxes so phone to phone 100% digital audio cannot be achieved. They also compress the audio stream so the quality is sacrificed to conserve bandwidth. Those carriers usually come with basic features that appeal to residential customers but are not usually suited for business customers. Vonage and Skype cannot be directly compared to a Hosted PBX system because a Hosted PBX system also delivers a full feature rich corporate phone system with digital IP based phones to provide a 100% digital signal all the way to the phone level. FTI Hosted PBX solution does not compress the audio stream so the highest level of audio is achieved.

MYTH: When using VoIP, my internet connection will slow down.

FACT: A VoIP uncompressed digital audio stream uses little bandwidth when compared to an average high speed Internet connection. If you take an average 1.5 mbps high speed Internet connection, a single phone call only utilizes about 6% of the bandwidth. FTI ensures the client has fast enough Internet connection to support all anticipated phone usage and data usage at the same time with no quality or data effects.

MYTH: VoIP is not a business reliable solution

FACT: This can’t be any further from the truth. Tens of thousands of business are implementing VoIP solutions among different carriers or in-house solutions. With the improvements made to QoS and prioritization, to redundant implementation solutions, the fear of quality and loss of service is virtually eliminated. Many companies are realizing the cost savings, flexibility, and advantages of VoIP over traditional service and are making the switch.

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