Hosted Business Class VoIP Features

Unlike some other VoIP Providers, 99% of all our features come included and unlimited in our base package. Other providers normaly provide a 'Basic' package, but then charge you extra for each voicemail box, or for each hunt group, or each auto-attendant etc…

All our features below, unless otherwise marked, ARE STANDARD.

You can view our full feature list in .pdf format HERE With full descriptions

  • Web based Customer Portal
  • Auto Attendants and sub level Auto Attendants
  • Auto Attendant Answering or Live Person Answering or Both depending on time of day or number of rings.
  • Disable Outbound/Inbound Dialing for certain extensions
  • Incoming/Outgoing Call Blocking and Custom Routing
  • Call routing based on business hours, after hours & holiday hours
  • Incoming Call Identification by custom text
  • Caller ID/ Call Forwarding / 3 way conferencing / Call Holding / Call Waiting / Do Not Disturb / Redial / speed dialing
  • Voicemail / Voicemail to Email and/or Text Message
  • Default or custom Music/Commercial On Hold
  • Music/Commercial On Hold By Location or Queue
  • Ring and Hunt Groups
  • Find Me/Follow Me (FTI Digital Assistant)
  • Office Intercom and All Page.
  • Toll Free Numbers
  • Outlook click to talk plug-in
  • Call Monitoring and Listen Live
  • Conference Bridge (Many to Many Conference Calling)
  • Call Recording (Premium Subscription Required)
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Call Queues and Call Center Features (Premium Subscription Required)
  • Detailed Accounting and Reporting
  • Detailed Records for all inbound/outbound calls. Searchable by extension/number/custom text/ and more
  • Call volume graphs by time of day, month, year or custom dates, broken down by extension or phone number
  • Reports can be filtered by extension/number/custom text/ or more, and can be exported to excel or plain text.
  • Domestic Origination/ Termination
  • International Termination
  • Incoming Privacy Screening
  • SIP Trunking
  • E911 support, compliant with all FCC mandates.
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